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Royal Haskoning has a more than 25 years track record in Libya. Since June 2008 the joint company Haskoning Libya has been established, of which Royal Haskoning is majority shareholder. The office of Haskoning Libya is located in Tripoli and is operated by a team of professional Libyan engineers and technicians. Next to that European staff of Royal Haskoning is working in Tripoli on an ad hoc basis.

Haskoning Libya - Tripoli Office

Haskoning Libya - Tripoli Office

Working in Libya means preferably being established locally, in order to know the right local authorities and overlook the administrative procedures. Also it is of utmost importance to speak and write Arabic. These skills are available within the Tripoli based office and staff of Royal Haskoning.

Due to the local presence, Royal Haskoning is able to set up a project organisation specifically tuned to the needs of a project in Libya, enabling us to liaise wherever and whenever needed with all the parties involved.

We feel that we are very well positioned to carry out data collection with the help of our local staff in Tripoli and the involvement of European experts, who have a good understanding of the Libyan situation.

The engineering and construction industry in Libya is both using European (mainly British Standard) and American codes and standards. The latter are particularly found in the oil industry.

Royal Haskoning normally adopts Euro code/British Standards in their Libyan projects. Further we can check on required local standards and codes and adopt these where necessary.